Auto Insurance

Are you in need of top notch Illinois car insurance? Well look no further! Better Business Planning is here, and we want to provide you with Illinois vehicle insurance that will both meet your coverage needs and stay within your budgetary limits. Each of the auto insurance policies that we offer here at Better Business Planning are unique – they are built specifically to meet the needs of our individual customers. If you would like to learn more about what our insurance experts recommend for you to include in your auto insurance policy, simply call our office or fill out our quick and easy online quote form, available on each of our insurance solutions pages. No matter how you contact us, a Better Business Planning agent will get to work right away building you a personal policy.

Home Insurance

Your home is much more than just the place you rest your head. When you are considering how you wish to insure a place as important as this, why would you do it with anyone other than Better Business Planning? When you get a quote for Illinois homeowners insurance from our insurance experts, we will include all the basic coverages for your consideration. These include coverage for your possessions and the structure of your home, as well as financial protection against liability concerns. In addition to these basic concerns, our insurance representatives will answer any questions you have about the additional Illinois home insurance coverages you may need, including flood, earthquake, and floater insurance.

Group Health

If you are a business owner, have you considered the countless advantages to offering your employees group health insurance? First and foremost, an Illinois group health insurance plan will help your business recruit and maintain the best employees available in your industry. On top of that, a group health insurance plan can be very beneficial to your employees, as even employees with a history of medical issues cannot be turned down for an Illinois group health insurance policy. If you would like to speak to a representative of Better Business Planning about the rest of the advantages your business can acquire with a group health insurance plan, simply call or fill out our simple online quote form. You’ll be glad that you did!


When it comes to planning for your retirement, don’t leave anything to chance – let the professionals at Better Business Planning help you through the planning process step by step. Call, click, or stop by our office to consult with one of our Chicago financial services experts. Our agents can help you define your retirement goals, as well as devising a strategy of how to get you there! We offer our clients regular reviews of their financial standing, and can help you plan for estate taxes and gifts alike. If you are looking for the one-stop-shop for insurance solutions and financial and retirement planning, we are so glad you are considering Better Business Planning. Our agents are looking forward to speaking with you about your plans for the future.

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Third Party Administration

As a third party administrator, Better Business Planning can help your business keep benefits organized while saving you money.

BBP Administration Services was started in 1992 to help businesses with their self-funded or partially self-funded organization, as well as with payroll, pre-tax plans, and benefit continuation. BBP strives itself as being an industry leader in both customer service and technology for administration services.

We have a robust payroll and HRIS platform that allows employers to fully automate with one login, so one solution has all of their payroll and HRIS needs. The payroll and HRIS platform also allows employers to save time and money. This coupled with the technology on our pre-tax and continuation benefits through e-mails, texts, and iPhone/Android applications keeps the employer from conducting the day to day maintenance they normally have to do with other administrators. Most importantly, on average, BBP is 10 – 20% less money than those other providers!

A few of these benefits include:

  • Reduced administration costs for your business
  • Increased flexibility in your insurance offerings
  • Improved customer service for your employees
  • Flexible spending administration
  • Premium only plan administration
  • Health savings account administration
  • COBRA & state continuation administration
  • Health reimbursement arrangement administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Online benefit enrollment administration
  • Performance appraisal administration
  • Recruitment administration
  • Career development administration
  • Social media administration
  • 5500 filing & summary annual report filing
  • ERISA wrap document preparation
  • Section 127 education assistance plan
  • And more!

If you would like to speak to an insurance expert regarding the benefits to having a third party administrator, don’t hesitate to call Better Business Planning. We are always glad to answer your questions and will do everything in our power to make your business the best it can be.

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